Chemical Peels

If you suffer from acne, sun damage, discoloration or fine wrinkles, our medical spa in Rancho Cucamonga has solutions for you.  Our chemical peels are safe and the treatment easily applied.  Call or make an appointment today to see how our chemical peel treatments can improve and smooth the texture of your skin.

Chemical Peel Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that uses a special blend of acids to remove the top layer of skin.  This results in smoother, improved skin texture.  Our chemical peel treatments use synergistic blends of ingredients designed to deliver maximum and predictable results.  The treatment helps to remove built-up dead skin particles and promotes the production of collagen.  This strengthens the skin’s protective barrier promoting more youthful and healthier looking skin.

What do chemicals peels help treat?

Chemical peels can treat a variety of cases including:

– Acne Scars
– Sun Damage
– Uneven Skin Tone
– Discoloration
– Fine Wrinkles
– Dark Spots

What is a chemical peel treatment like?

Chemical peel procedures may vary slightly depending on the chemical peel treatment chosen.  Your specialist will determine the best chemical peel depending on desired results, skin type, etc.  The treatment starts with a cleanser to remove any debris from the face.   The peeling agent is then applied which can last between 3-5 minutes.  The patient may experience minor discomfort during this time, however all precautions are taken to provide as comfortable an experience as possible.  Your specialist will then provide you with follow-up care directions for after the procedure.

*Individual Results May Vary

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