Cellulite Removal

Orange peel. Cottage cheese. Dimpled. No matter what word you use to describe the appearance of cellulite, it never sounds attractive. The board-certified clinicians at Enhance at Aspen understand that cellulite can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, even though it’s primarily genetic and your diet may not make a difference. That’s why they’ve invested in the innovative TempSure™ Envi radiofrequency system that can reduce cellulite. Call or schedule a consultation online today at the Rancho Cucamonga, California, practice to find out how you can be cellulite free.

Cellulite Removal Q & A

What is cellulite?

You know cellulite as the lumpy or dimpled appearance of your skin. The condition develops when fat deposits push through the connective tissue under your skin, creating lumps and depressions. Cellulite is most often found on the buttocks and thighs but can develop anywhere on your body.

What causes cellulite?

While both men and women can develop cellulite, it’s more commonly found in women. Up to 90% of women have cellulite at some point during their lives.

Part of the reason that cellulite is more common in women is that their fat cells and connective tissue are arranged vertically, while in men, the membranes form a criss-cross structure that makes it less likely for fat to bulge through the connective tissue and create the lumpy, dimpled appearance.

Also, hormones like estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin are believed to contribute to cellulite. Hormone imbalances can reduce your circulation, which causes your skin and connective tissue to become thin and weak. This weakness makes it easier for your fat to push through.

Other factors that contribute to cellulite include your age, genetics, and lifestyle. For example, a poor diet and smoking can increase your chances of getting cellulite.

How is cellulite treated?

The clinicians at Enhance at Aspen use the innovative TempSure™ Envi laser system to reduce the appearance of cellulite.* TempSure Envi is a safe radiofrequency treatment that gently heats your skin to trigger new collagen growth. The new collagen fibers are tight and dense, which strengthen the connective tissue under your skin, making it more difficult for your subcutaneous fat to push through and cause cellulite.

During your TempSure Envi treatment, your doctor uses a handpiece designed to deliver the radiofrequency energy to your body. TempSure Envi treatments are quick. You should be finished within an hour, even if your doctor treats a large area. Many patients liken the procedure to a hot stone massage.

After your treatment, you can get right back to your regular activities. While you may notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin right away, your skin texture will continue to improve as your body produces new collagen. You may also choose to have touch-up appointments to maintain the smooth appearance of your skin.

If you’re ready to get rid of cellulite, call or schedule a consultation online today.

*Individual results may vary.

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